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Relax, connect, get inspired!

Summer is here - time to play! This Summer Series is some light fare to keep your brain fed and your heart inspired - without a lot of work. Registration is free and open to all levels - invite friends!

Join me for live sessions: 

Session 1 - Creative Power 
Understanding the ebb and flow of our creative cycles can help us in both art and life. Let's talk about creative power - how to recognize it, cultivate it, and use it to make better art. 
June 28, 6:00pm - 7:30pm - Register now


Session 2 - Art and Mindfulness 
Art is a powerful mindfulness tool. Let's look at some of the ways painting opens up our perception and how to benefit from art as a mindfulness practice.
July 26, 6:00pm - 7:30pm EST - Register now

Session 3 - Summer Art Review
I am going to some really great museum shows this season, and I'm already excited to pass on what I learn from these artists and how we can apply it in our own work. Have you seen some good shows? Come share what you've learned!
August 23, 6:00pm - 7:30pm EST - Register now


Class format

Each session will start with a presentation and group discussion on the selected topic, followed by an art exercise and more discussion. The goal is to have an informal exchange of ideas, along with some experimentation, to open a space where you can discover something new to take with you and apply in your art and life. 

Supply list

  • Water-based paints - These don't have to be any certain quality, but should include primary colors and black and white

  • Your favorite paints, including any colors or types of paint you use on a regular basis

  • Something to paint on - watercolor paper, canvas, or a material of your choice

  • Brushes  

  • Access to water 

  • Paper plates for mixing paint

  • A quiet space where you can focus on painting for the full session.   


Email me at Let's talk! 

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