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The Art Path - New Weekly Workshop

Walking the path

Sometimes making art is not a hobby or a career. It is a path we choose in life. It is a path of awe and wisdom and love for this world. It is a way of being that puts us in touch with the truest part of ourselves. The art path is one that we walk alone. However, we can find guidance, fellowship and inspiration along the way.

As someone on the path with you, I am here to function as a guide, to suggest possible routes and point out some interesting things along the way. But there is no GPS. Just like there are really no art teachers. No one can teach you "Art". Only your heart and soul can do that. My goal is to create opportunities to access that and get better at listening to it.

Mystery, not certainty

Since this is about YOUR inner knowing, use this time for discovery and experimentation.

Approach each session with:

  • Curiosity - Show up not ready to perform but ready to experiment. It's hard to learn from doing the same thing you always do.

  • Observation - Focus on the process rather than the outcome. Observe what is happening rather than worrying about how it’s going to turn out.

  • Inner listening - Practice following your gut and making instinctual decisions.

My goal for each session is that you will come away with

  • Guidance - Some practical, actionable solutions for your art or creative life.

  • Fellowship - Connection with others through their similar experiences with making art.

  • Inspiration - Feeling inspired, open to possibility, and trusting your creativity


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