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Creative Health in the New Year

What is creative health?

Everyone's favorite topic in January is health - what can we do to eat better, get more sleep, drink more water, exercise, etc. But how often do we examine and care for our creative health? How healthy are our creative lives and how much time do we spend exercising and nurturing that part of ourselves? Health is not always about following a set of rules. It is about each person building their best life according to their own inner wisdom.

Making the diagnosis

How do you know how healthy you are creatively? We usually know when something is off, but sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what is wrong or what to do about it. The list of statements below may help you assess your current state of creative health and prescribe your own remedies. Notice which statements ring true, then examine any that do not, to get an idea of what areas may need some attention. While this list can be used to gain some direction or focus in the new year, I especially find it useful as a periodic check up or even for daily affirmations.

Creative Health Assessment

1) I know that as a human being, I am naturally creative.

2) When I open my eyes in the morning, I feel excited about the possibilities the day will bring.

3) I have a creative project or goal that I am currently working on daily.

4) In my home and surroundings, I frequently find beauty in my line of sight.

5) I know at least one person who understands and values my creativity.

6) In the way I earn a living, I am provided with ample opportunity to express myself.

7) I believe my creative life is helpful to others.

8) I don't worry about difficult situations or stress about the future because I trust that my creativity will provide solutions when I need them.

9) My mind frequently, spontaneously, and intuitively provides me with new ideas and insights.

10) My life is guided by a sense of awe and wonder.

11) My creativity is useful and applicable in all areas of my life.

This list was created from the many obstacles I have faced in my own life. I encourage you to add your own items to the list based on challenges to your creative health. If you would like to work with me further on this exercise, I'll be covering this topic this month in my weekly online class, The Art Path. Click for info...

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