Notice anything different?

Minnesota (detail), 2016, mixed media on canvas, 24" x 24"

My last name has changed! On April 22nd, 2016, I became the proud wife of my high school sweetheart and lifelong crush, Matthew Emerson. Matt is highly creative, a hard worker, and a very talented artist. We have both had our share of bumps and detours along the road, but I am excited to see the things we will be able to make together and the life that we will build.

The decision to change the name of my site and the rest of my marketing from "Wind and Sand" to my actual name reflects an increased sense of confidence, of knowing who I am and being able to stand by that. There is also a sense of not limiting myself and finding inspiration in every part of life.

For the remainder of the year, I will be focusing on a new body of work for my first show as Marlowe Emerson, which will take place at the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts in Virginia Beach, VA, in January 2017. It is my goal to be better about posting on social media to share this process, so be sure to follow me if you are on any of sites below (see links in footer of the site). And as always, I love to hear from you if you want to chat about art or just say hello!


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