Countdown to Fall

Countdown Day 1: Detail, Reflect I, digital photograph, 2015.

Attention to detail

Many people are winding down after a crazy summer and looking toward getting back into a more structured routine. The end of summer is a time to slow down, take stock, and prepare for the colder months ahead. In nature, it is a time of quiet intensity and transformation, but also of rich visual display, showing that change can produce incredible beauty, even at the end of a cycle. A good way to connect with this idea is to practice paying attention to detail. This is something I love to do in my work - find a tiny detail in nature and bring it to light by using it in some unexpected way that invites the viewer to take a second look.

"Countdown to Fall" Campaign

To formalize this practice in my own life and share it with others, I have decided to start my "Countdown to Fall" campaign. From now until the first day of fall, I will post a photo detail each day on social media. This could be a detail from a painting I am working on, a collage element I have collected, or some other observation in nature. Often these details have a story of their own, and I believe this exercise will reveal some of those layers while also bringing focus to the work. At the end of the countdown, the resulting set of images will be published as a set of note cards.


From now until September 22, if you share the link to one of the image posts from the Wind and Sand Facebook page, I will send you a free note card of that image. (Limit one per customer.) You can pick an image as soon as you see it, or wait until the end of the campaign to choose which one you like best. To receive your card, you can email your mailing addess to, or pick up your card at the "Wind and Sand" pop-up event at the West Elm store at Town Center in Virginia Beach on October 3rd from 1pm - 5pm. The cards will also be for sale at the West Elm event for $5 each. Frame them, collect them, or give them to friends. I look forward to seeing which ones will be shared!

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