Choosing the Right Painting: More than a Decorating Decision

I get a great sense of satisfaction when a painting connects with someone to find its ideal owner and the place that it was meant to live. When a piece finds the perfect home, it is about more than just helping someone make the right decorating decision. It creates a sense of communication and reaffirms why I love to paint - to share a vision in a way that can hopefully bring something uplifting to other people's lives.

However, I also want to explore this from the collector's perspective. Why does someone purchase a work of art? Is it because it matches the sofa, or is it some other affinity that makes someone want to own a certain piece? From experience I can say that it is almost never a purely decorative decision. While finding a piece for a certain space in a room may be the reason that someone starts the process of searching for the right work, the final choice usually ends up having less to do with a color scheme and more to do with a feeling for the work that makes one want to live in the same space with it. This is because decorative tastes may change over time, but a connection with a work of art can be timeless. That is why we need art and are drawn to it in the first place - to experience a little piece of the mystery that is our collective creative spirit...

Or you can just match the sofa.