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Legends of the Tide

Parents' houses are usually filled with their kids' art work, especially when the children are young. My poor parents, however, are STILL being bombarded with art - not just from their six grandchildren, but from their middle-aged kids. So for my dad's birthday this year, it seemed natural to try to make my mom find space on the wall for yet another picture...

"Legends of the Tide" was adapted from photo that my brother took while he was out surfing with my father, Marty Keesecker. Dad has been a surfboard shaper for 40 years and shaped the board he is riding in the painting. As a tribute to him for the contribution he has made to the surfing culture of our home town of Virginia Beach, (and to add a twist to the birthday surprise) I decided to enter the piece in a local art show that was being put together at the museum of local history at the oceanfront, The Old Coast Guard Station. The theme of the exhibition was historical interpretations of Virginia Beach, and it turned out that I was the only artist in the show to represent surfing and the important role it has played in making Virginia Beach what it is today. I am proud that I was able to commemorate surf culture, especially with an image of my father, whose boards have brought so many amazing moments to the thousands of people who have ridden them over the years, both in crappy Virginia Beach surf and around the world.

The exhibit, "Our Town: Historical Interpretations of Virginia Beach," runs until May 4, 2014.

When you go to see the show, you can also check out April Fish Jewelry at the OCGS gift shop!

Learn more about show and about the Old Coast Guard Station on their website or on Facebook.

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