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I work with individuals and interior designers to create site-specific art for both residential and commercial spaces. If you have a particular project in mind, or an element in nature that you would like to feature, a commissioned work can be the best solution. Contact me to schedule a time to discuss your project. 



Custom Workshops

Looking for workshop ideas for your company or organization? I design unique, customized online and in-person programs that combine mindfulness, artistic thinking, and environmental awareness. These programs help people connect with their innate creative abilities while learning ways to apply these skills in everyday life. Let's talk about what kind of topic and format could benefit your audience the most. 


Private Sessions

I work with artists one on one to help them move past creative challenges and make their best, most authentic work. Whether you just need a few sessions to get unstuck or get back on track with your creative practice, or you are looking for long term support for some big artistic goals, I am here to serve as your guide on the art path. Click below to email me your availability for a free 30 minute consultation. 

- Marlowe Emerson


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