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Below are the 9 paintings that were featured in the show.
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What is an inbox art show? 

9 works of art, 1 per email = A new painting delivered to your inbox each week

Why is this an ideal format? 

First look at the selected works

Focus on 1 work at a time

Links to video and audio clips for a personal tour experience 

No distractions from a scrolling feed

No clunky virtual viewing rooms

Summary video to see the whole show together at the end

How is an inbox like an art gallery? 

The wall - The white space on the screen becomes the gallery wall.

Your tour guide - The audio or video becomes your gallery assistant or tour guide.

Your brochure - Think of the written materials as your brochure.

Look around, ask questions - Just hit "Reply" or DM me. I welcome dialogue about the work!