A N   E X P L O R A T I O N   O F   N A T U R E

Everything I make, from functional to fine art, is in some way born of a desire to explore the beauty and mystery of nature. I have found the creative process to be a playful way to interact with the natural world that reveals many secrets and valuable life lessons. It is through nature that we gain an understanding of the world and our place in it. 

"It is my mission to create beautiful, inspiring, and thought-provoking objects that bring a feeling of intimacy with nature to every day life."

- M.E.

P A I N T I N G   A N D   M I X E D   M E D I A

I am interested in natural objects as symbols, how they act as nature’s language, and what they reveal about the world around us. My process in painting and mixed media is about observing nature and its cycles and recurring patterns. The technique is sometimes expressive and personal, sometimes more deliberate and constructed. It contrasts the attitude of organic forms frozen in time to the vibrant energy of the brushstroke. The collage elements are obtained through photography and scanning, then digitally altered. I usually work with acrylic paints and different types of pastels to acheive a matte, sometimes chalky finish. 


My affinity for stones, pearls, shells etc. gave me the desire to create a soft yet refined style of jewelry that is as comfortable as a second skin. I personally make each piece by hand using all genuine, natural materials including semi-precious stones, sterling silver, leather, cotton and silk. Making jewelry gives me the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of these raw materials. The goal of each design is to highlight the colors and textures with simplicity and elegance, creating an object that is uniquely personal and treasured by the wearer.