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A different approach to color... 

This class is about you and how you experience color. It's about opening our senses and our minds to understand how color affects our perception, our reality, and our creativity. While you may have studied the technical aspects of color, this course offers a different approach - one that is personal, instinctive and intuitive. It is designed to enhance your sensory awareness so you can work more confidently with color and make your best work. 

How would your art evolve it you could...?

  • Wipe the dust off the lens of your mind and become more sensitive to color 

  • Get in touch with your senses to connect with the present moment 

  • Think about color in new ways and enhance your creativity

  • Train your instincts and give yourself more freedom with color 

  • Have color working for you (not against you) in your art

Develop your authentic palette

Color can be frustrating when what we see on the canvas does not align with our vision or purpose. This can happen when we are too analytical in our use of color. Join me to explore color awareness techniques that will help you develop a more personal and intuitive palette that serves your mission as an artist. 

Color is important - practice it!

There are 3 main ways you communicate as a painter - color, line, and form. You probably practice line and form through sketching or composition studies, etc... How do you practice color? And how often? This class will give you ways to practice color that spark creativity and inspiration. 

Join me for this 3 part series:

Session 1 - Mystery and Inspiration 
Learn where science meets the sacred in color and how these mysteries can fuel inspiration.   

Session 2 - Awareness and Attention
Develop sensory awareness and mindfulness connections to enhance creativity.   

Session 3 - Energy and Relationship
Explore your relationship with color and how its energy impacts your art.       


New dates will be announced for summer 2022! Enter your email address at the bottom of the page to receive course communications. 

Cost: $299

What you get...

  • 4 1/2 hours of live group instruction on Zoom

  • 30 day access to class recordings

  • Color Awareness workbook for each session (pdf download) 

  • One to one support over email for the duration of the course

  • BONUS Q&A 30 days after the course to check on your progress

What you need...

  • 1 set of acrylic paints - These don't have to be any certain quality, but should include primary colors and black and white

  • Your favorite paints, including any colors or types of paint you use on a regular basis

  • A stack of blank index cards

  • Some watercolor paper or canvas (something blank to paint on)

  • Brushes  

  • Access to water 

  • Paper plates for mixing paint 

  • Your phone (we may be scanning some QR codes or downloading some apps) 

  • A quiet space where you can focus on painting for the full session.   

Want to know more? 

Check out the FAQs here, or email me at I am happy to answer your questions! 

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