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Find creative flow through abstract painting

Creating starts in the mind. 

What makes a great abstract painting? It's that "I know it when I see it" element that you can't quite put your finger on. So how do you create that special quality in your own work? You can learn composition and color techniques, but how do you learn, as Picasso phrased it, to turn a yellow dot into the sun?  Painting, like any creative discipline, starts in the mind. This class is designed to help you use abstract painting to explore new ideas and find the creative freedom that will add more magic to art and to your life. 


Finding freedom


Ever heard "my kid could do that" when people talk about abstract art? Next time tell them it's a huge compliment. Children have a natural creativity that we have to work to achieve as adults. I consider this a "beginner" class because it is said that in the mind of a beginner, possibilities are endless, whereas in the mind of an expert, possibilities are few. We must all think like beginners to find creative freedom. If you are an experienced painter, this class can help you...

  • bring more life and authenticity to your personal style. 

  • get inspiration for your next body of work. 

  • enjoy painting again. 

  • learn creative principles that you can apply in other areas of life.  

If you are just starting out, come and play! This is a no judgement zone that is all about trying new things. 

Join me 6 weeks of live group instruction:

Session 1 - Declare your independence 
Break free from judgement, expectation, and other creative blocks. 

Session 2 - Go beyond language 
Open to the possibilities of communicating with color and form. 

Session 3 - Follow the joy
Tap into joy and spontaneity to add magic to your work. 

Session 4 - Use your intuition
Develop inner listening skills to make more authentic art. 

Session 5 - Explore technique
Give yourself the freedom to try different techniques as well as develop your own. 

Session 6 - Own your practice
Create an art practice that will have a positive impact on all areas of your life. 


Thursday evenings - September 15 - October 20, 2022 - 6:00pm - 7:30pm EST
All classes are live on Zoom. 


What you get...

  • 9 hours of live group instruction on Zoom

  • 90 day access to class recordings

  • One to one support over email for the duration of the course

What you need...

  • 1 set of acrylic paints - These don't have to be any certain quality, but should include primary colors and black and white

  • Your favorite paints, including any colors or types of paint you use on a regular basis

  • A stack of blank index cards

  • Some watercolor paper or canvas (something blank to paint on)

  • Brushes  

  • Access to water 

  • Paper plates for mixing paint 

  • Your phone (we may be scanning some QR codes or downloading some apps) 

  • A quiet space where you can focus on painting for the full session.   


The cost for the program is $499. 
Note: There is an option at checkout to choose 2 payments of $250. The second installment will be due 14 days after the first payment. Please contact me if you have questions about payment arrangements or financial assistance. 

Have questions? 

Check the FAQ or email me at I am happy to provide further info! 

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