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My work is about exploring intuition and connection to nature through painting, drawing, and mixed media techniques. The process is expressive and personal, prioritizing instinct and spontaneity. I work with suggestions of narrative, building layers of paint and paper that become a record of individual experience. The collage elements are drawings, photographs and other artifacts of daily life that create hidden stories within each piece. Working with a range of materials, including acrylic paints, various qualities of paper, and different types of pastels and pencils results in a complex, textured finish. 

- M. 



Marlowe Emerson is a mixed media artist who creates large scale abstract paintings using acrylic and collage techniques. She holds a degree in French and Art History from Georgetown University and spent a decade studying painting in the south of France. Her work centers around abstract expressionism as an intuitive practice for exploring relationships between nature and the subconscious. Combining paint with everyday materials on the canvas, she creates layers of meaning and personal narrative to build a connection with the viewer. Her work has been shown in museums and galleries internationally, including the Art in Embassies program. She currently works out of her home studio in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  


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